Monday, May 09, 2011

mom. i do love you. (:

Hi mom, 

Sorry if sometimes I'm disobeying you. Sorry if I'm not a perfect child and sometimes I lied to you. Sorry if I've shouted at you, or sometimes in the back of my head I almost wanted you to be gone when you yell at me and scold at me. Sorry if I'm hardheaded. Sorry, if sometimes I'm lazy, that I don't know do chores at home. Sorry for everything I did wrong. 

But, I thank you for making me live in this planet, cause without you, I'm not here. Thank you for feeding me, taking care of me, sheltering me and loving me. Thank you for giving me the best things even it's hard. Thank you for teaching me the right things and manners. Thank you, mom. 

Don't worry, I'll take care of you too when you're old :)) hihi. And the things that you traught me, I'll always keep it in my brain cause I know, you don't want me to be at worst. I am guilty for all. You're very important to me like a pearl that I really treasure. I'm not real sure what will happen to me when you're gone. 

I love you, mom!
Happy mother's day! <3
p/s: I'll make you proud, soon!

*mom, i do love you*
*today, tomorrow and always*
*yes, i do*

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