Wednesday, May 11, 2011

growing up~

True friendship are like snowflakes,
each one equally special,
yet somehow always unique.

Some friends you choose on your own,
and some, like us are chosen for one, 
another before we're even old, 
enough to speak.

Friends help each other to grow and
discover what life is all about-
Sometimes, we choose to walk down
separate paths, only the return
and tell the other what was found

For us girls, simply labelling yourself
a friend does not get you off the 
We have several responsibilities,
such as gossiping, doing each others's
hair, and reassuring each other how
fat we DON'T look!

True friends never judge-we'll stand
by each other no matter how poor of
choices one of us might make.
We see one another through sleepless
nights and tears, never sure when
the sadness will break.

It's amazing how quickly life starts
passing by, the older we get.
Many times when the things get rough,
it seems easiest to simple just quit.

But after all life's up's and down's,
you've been lucky enough to find
someone who makes you complete in 

dear you, my friends. I will always love you. 

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  1. sekali owang puteh lak... xpaham den... haha.. i like to be ur friend... :)