Monday, May 09, 2011


people, I don't know how to interpret how much I love them.
I also don't know to show my love to them.
I hope, this picture will make you understanding on how much I miss them so much.
everyday, I remember them and almost everyday, I will look back the picture.
see, friends.
you are really such a best person i never had before.
yes, I do love you all till the end of my day.
I hope you will smile with tears, okey?

my tutorial mates.

A3P1  before taking the "Graduation's day" picture.

after frisbee match.

hihi. psychoacademic programme~cinta sayang~

the day we went away from Cinta Sayang :"(

yana, sue, and me.

husna and me.


the carnivall, sg.petani.

again, the carnivall, sg.petani.

friends, I love you so much.
keep in touch.
all the best in your future undertakings.
may Allah bless all the time.
with love, 

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